Open Letter to Alpha Lithium Corporation Shareholders from Caravel Capital Investments Inc. 

Dear Fellow Shareholders of Alpha Lithium Corp, Caravel Capital is an investment fund that, collectively with its principals, owns over 4,500,000 common shares of Alpha Lithium Corp (“ALLI”). We write to you regarding Tecpetrol’s current offer to acquire ALLI for C$1.48 per share in cash. We support Tecpetrol’s revised C$1.48 offer, as we believe it […]


Caravel Capital Fund open to Accredited US Investors with the appointment of a new fund administrator. Caravel Capital Investments Inc. has hired Genesis Fund Services Limited (“Genesis”) to handle all its fund administration, registrar, and transfer agency duties. As part of their product offering, Genesis provides the Fund with Net Asset Value accounting, FATCA reporting, […]

Caravel Capital Investments Inc. Founding Partner to Speak at Secure Spectrum Hedge Fund Seminar

Caravel Capital Investments Inc. founding partner, Jeff Banfield travels to Copenhagen to present “The Alchemy of Risk, Opportunity, and Experience.” Nassau, The Bahamas, May 18, 2022 — Jeff Banfield, a founding partner of Caravel Capital Investments Inc., will be the featured speaker at Secure Spectrum’s Hedge Fund Seminar in Copenhagen, Denmark, on June 2, 2022. With […]

Top Ten Multi-strategy Hedge Funds Award

Caravel Capital is proud to receive the Top Ten Multi-Strategy Hedge Funds Award from Barclayhedge.

Mommy and Daddy’s Money Goes to the Safari Park

This is adapted from a piece I wrote for JMO Research in 2012. It is an illustration of what happens to you and your money when you buy or sell listed stocks through a discount broker who advertises no fees and no commissions. Should you have questions about the current state of affairs of the […]