Investment Philosophy

The Caravel was an agile exploration ship used during the Age Of Discovery.

Caravel is an agile exploration ship used during the age of discovery.

With a small and nimble design, she faced opportunities to sail high into the wind and through shallower waters, with much less risk compared to the larger galleons of the era.

Caravel Capital’s Principals wish to emulate their namesake ship in the implementation of their investment strategies.

The Fund prides itself on staying agile, pursuing opportunistic strategies that are often overlooked by larger funds.

Caravel considers its investors as Partners.

The Principals’ substantial personal investment and compensation structure bind their interests with the other investors, hence a partnership.

She was considered best in class.

The fund pursues opportunities that are risk-averse and market-neutral. Core strategies include Merger Arbitrage, Capital Structure Arbitrage, Convertible Arbitrage, and Relative Value Arbitrage.

Commitment to Transparency

The Principals must report any purchases or redemptions monthly and makeup at least 20% of the entire assets under management.

A minimum of 50% of all performance fees is reinvested into the Fund.

Investors will be vetted to ensure all interests are aligned.

The Fund will only accept new investors when sufficient opportunities exist.

The Fund was capped at $15M until a 15% net return was generated.

“If you hurt, we hurt more.”